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Learn how our simple yet powerful trading software can exploit market opportunities, and how you can get started in minutes

With three years of profitable performance, Deep Quant’s automated trading technology has a track record of success in the most volatile financial markets. Our software was created and continually optimised by developers and analysts with a wealth of experience of blockchain and traditional financial technology. In this article, we’ll explain how it works, why it’s worth and how you can get started.


What is Deep Quant?
Deep Quant is automated crypto trading software that buys and sells cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on your behalf. The system uses algorithmic trading models to identify profitable trading opportunities.

What trading model does the Deep Quant algorithm use?
Deep Quant uses a proven model based on mean reversion. The system uses 10 years of market data and intelligently adapts to live market data. Our model avoids the pitfalls of overfitting and does not need retraining to survive and thrive in periods of extreme price fluctuation.

Deep Quant is a more selective system than other systems. It only executes trades when a strict set of conditions is met which is why it averages 1 trade per day.

How much money will it make me?
Deep Quant has shown consistent profitable performance over the last 3 years, including a 39% return since the start of 2020. We are confident in the algorithm’s capability to deliver average returns of up to 5% per month, even in the most challenging and unpredictable market conditions.

However like any trading model, past performance is not a guarantee of future results, and you should trade at your own risk. Trading in cryptocurrencies carries an unusually high level of risk, and you should adjust your risk management and portfolio rules accordingly.

Who is behind it?
Deep Quant was designed by software engineers and trading experts Alexandr Denisov and Tim Ziyatdinov. Based in Russia, the Deep Quant team has years of experience in complex software projects with the likes of Oracle and SAP, machine learning, trading algorithms, arbitrage, data centres, mining and exchange technology.

Why use a trading bot?
Trading software allows you to play the markets without being logged on. The software can identify trades, adapt to price changes and execute trades much more efficiently than manual human trading.

Many people use trading bots for day trading which involves a high volume of trades with a small target profit. Deep Quant is designed for investors who want exposure to these volatile markets without the intensive research and supervision required by manual trading.

How much do I need to know about crypto or trading?
Some basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can be beneficial, particularly in creating addresses, buying and transferring coins. However, Deep Quant is a light-touch, intuitive system that can be used successfully by investors with no experience of crypto, and by blockchain enthusiasts with no expertise in investing or financial trading.

How much effort does it require?
It is possible to activate Deep Quant and leave it to trade safely without any intervention whatsoever. However, we have provided tools and features which allow you to review activity, and we recommend that you monitor the algorithm’s trading history and performance periodically.

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